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Waste Management - Trash Issues

Over the last few months, it has been impossible to ignore the fact that the trash and recycling collections by Waste Management in Falls Township have been very inconsistent. There have been times when trash and recycling are picked up a day late, or not picked up at all. This issue has affected every part of the Township, and the Township government has had numerous meetings and discussions with staff and executives from Waste Management to address the problems.  The problems Waste Management arehaving are not only occurring in Falls, but are affecting their operations in Middletown and Bristol Township as well. They have made us aware that there are three causes of the problems.First, they are facing a shortage of workers, mostly because of medical reasons, but also because they have hadseveral employees who are military reservists who were suddenly called to active duty. They expect to have those reservists back in the near future, but, in the meantime,  they have hired more employees and are in the process of training them, which has to be done before they can begin operations. The second problem they are addressing is with their customer service center, which is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The standard procedure for handling calls about missed collections is to ask for the customer's street name and Township, but for some reason, operators have been asking for account numbers, which Falls residents don't have. An employee from the local Waste Management office flew to Phoenix this week and was working with the staff there to correct that problem. In the meantime, if you have to call the customer service number to report a problem, please know that all the information you have to give the customer service representative is your street name and Township, and that will allow them to access the information they need to address the problem. The final cause of the problems over the past few months is simply volume. Waste Management has noticed a very large increase in the tonnage they are collecting over the past few months and most of it is due to the bad Winter storms and all the debris from trees, shrubs, etc. In some cases, the tonnage is almost double what it is normally, and this means the crews simply cannot cover as much territory as quickly as normal. This is a problem they expect will work itself out over the next few weeks as that kind of debris and yard waste is all cleaned up. Based on our discussions with Waste Management, and based on the reliable service they have provided in the past, we are confident that the situation will improve. But we will continue to monitor the situation and will be sure to let the company know if there is no improvement.Please continue to contact Waste Management about problems, and also let the Township know so we can keep on top of the situation.   

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