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PECO understands and is working diligently to keep our electric and natural gas distribution systems operating safely. Our field forces are operating around the clock to make sure our facilities are operating. If there are outages, we are maintaining adequate staffing to dispatch to these outages and make the necessary repairs to restore service. This preparedness also extends to storm response.

Just a note regarding on-going, planned work. We are classified as a public utility, performing life sustaining services and work. As such, we continue to perform electric and gas construction in order to ensure that our natural gas and electric distribution systems continue to operate and are ready to meet the demands of customers. We will continue to seek local permits for our work and we appreciate the continuing assistance that many of you have provided to process them. In most cases, we can perform a lot of work without interrupting customers. If we do need to schedule an interruption, we will notify customers in advance. Scheduled interruptions usually take about 6 hours. Often times they can be completed in less time. Occasionally it takes longer due to field conditions. In the case of electricity, if customers keep their refrigerator and freezer doors closed, their food will not spoil within the period of the interruption.

I have one request. If a PECO or PECO contractor crew arrives at a residence or business, I ask that customers refrain from making contact with the crews. They are there to perform work and a customer who approaches them can distract them, causing an unsafe situation for the crew and the customer.

Customers should direct their questions to PECO at 1-800-494-4000. If customers are having financial issues affecting their ability to pay their bills, they can contact PECO at 1-800-494-4000 or by going to our website at peco.com/help. We are keeping the need to enter homes and businesses to a minimum and our personnel will never enter without permission and the proper identification.

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