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BCPC Municipal and Act 247 Subdivision and Land Development Application Instructions

BCPC Municipal and Act 247 Subdivision and Land Development Application Instructions

As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic and to ensure the timely review of subdivision and land development applications, the BCPC has adopted the following new electronic submission procedures effective immediately, until further notice.

Procedures for Reviews of Subdivisions and Land Developments (Act 247)
As a result of the COVID pandemic, all proposed plans and supplemental reports, such as traffic impact studies and planning modules are to be submitted electronically. The newly updated 2020 Subdivision and Land Development Review Application can be found at:


The new procedures for electronically submitting an application are as follows:

1. All Act 247 applications, plans, supporting reports, and a scan of the application fee check are to be emailed to: planningcommission@buckscounty.org and copied to Evan Stone at estone@buckscounty.org, and Michael Roedig at maroedig@buckscounty.org.

Please do not e-mail proposals to individual staff planners. Do not mail/submit the fee check until step 2 below is completed.

To facilitate the submission of plan documents, only the following plan sheets need to be submitted:

A. Cover Sheet
B. Existing Conditions plan
C. Record plan/site zoning requirements/statistics
D. Layout plan
E. Grading plan
F. Stormwater plan
G. Landscaping plan

2. The submission will be reviewed for completeness, correct fee calculation and logged into our database where a BCPC Number will be assigned. An acknowledgment email will be sent back from planningcommission@buckscounty.org with the corresponding BCPC Number and corrected fee amount if applicable. Once received, the BCPC number shall be written on the fee check along with the tax parcel number(s) of the subject parcel(s) in the application as applicable. The required MPC 30 day review clock starts once the application is logged into our system database.

3. Mail the fee check with the BCPC number and TMP numbers as noted above, via USPS to the BCPC at 1260 Almshouse Road, Doylestown, PA 18901. This will ensure proper crediting of the fee with the application.

4. If an application is deemed incomplete or the fee is calculated incorrectly, this will be communicated back to the submitting party in an e-mail from: planningcommission@buckscounty.org

Act 247 reviews are distributed as soon as they have been completed by staff. Reviews are sent to municipal officials with copies to the applicant and the applicant's consultants, if requested. Either on the application or in the submitting e-mail, please provide the e-mail addresses of all parties to receive a copy of the review.

Municipal Reviews

Reviews of Ordinances, Comprehensive Plans, Ordinance Amendments, School District Actions, and Municipal Land Acquisition

Municipal applications are to be submitted electronically. All municipal proposals and official correspondence should be submitted to: planningcommission@buckscounty.org and copied to Evan Stone at estone@buckscounty.org, and Michael Roedig at maroedig@buckscounty.org. Please do not send proposals to individual staff planners. A municipal proposal is not considered “received” until an acknowledgment email is received back from planningcommission@buckscounty.org.

Recording of Subdivisions and Land Developments

Requirements for the recording of approved subdivision and land development plans can be found at: http://www.buckscounty.org/government/RowOfficers/RecorderofDeeds.

A BCPC number is required to be placed on all approved subdivisions and land developments, indicating that the BCPC has reviewed the plan in accordance with PaMPC requirements. However, we understand that there are circumstances where the subdivision and land development process has been waived and therefore no BCPC review is required. In these cases, “N/A” may be placed on the BCPC signature line, but the applicant must provide a letter to the Recorder of Deeds from the municipality stating that the process has been waived. The letter will be scanned at the Recorder’s office and provided to us electronically so that we may officially sign off on the plan.

BCPC Board Meeting Schedule

Until further notice, the BCPC Board will meet virtually on the first Wednesday of each month at 2 PM. Meetings are open to applicants and the public. A public telephone call in number will be posted to the BCPC website 24 hours prior to the meeting. All meeting information can be found here: http://aboutus-bucksgis.opendata.arcgis.com/

For updated information from the County, and our COVID-19 response please visit:

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