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Supervisors Ramp Up Geese Elimination Efforts

In an effort to rid Falls Township Community Park of Canada geese and their droppings, the Falls Township Board of Supervisors approved a multi-faceted, year-long plan.

“I think the likelihood is 100 percent that this will work,” S&S Wildlife Control Services President Rick Shadel told the Falls Township Board of Supervisors. “I can make a difference in this park.”

That’s good news for anyone who’s ever encountered flocks of geese – and their waste - at the township park.

“They really are destroying our park,” Supervisor Jeffry Dence said of the geese and their “disgusting” droppings.

The Board of Supervisors has worked hard over the last decade to manage geese populations while being fiscally responsible. But, Shadel told the board that more resources are needed to rid the park of these pests.

At his suggestion, the board approved a 10-month hazing plan which involves aggressive action on foot, noise, lasers, lights and the killing of a specified number of geese through Pennsylvania Game Commission permits. Safety precautions would be followed to ensure residents and park visitors are safe during the geese removal efforts.

Most of the efforts would be undertaken during daytime hours. The board plans to hold an informational meeting with neighbors in close proximity to the park.

The most recent plan, at a cost not to exceed $27,400, will work hand-in-hand with other geese-reducing efforts the supervisors approved, including a 10-week service involving Border Collies being used to train geese to stay off specified areas; and the removal of goose eggs from nests.

The goal of the multi-faceted approach, according to Shadel, is to make geese “very uncomfortable.”

“You bother geese enough and they decide this isn’t a good place to be,” he said.  

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