• 2014 Spring Newsletter

    Falls Township is happy to offer our Spring 2014 Newsletter Click the link for a copy.
  • Retired Officers Honored At Supervisor’s Meeting

    At the June 17, 2014 Supervisor's Meeting Police Chief Wilcox, along with family and friends, honored several officers for their many years of service to the community. In the photo above, from left to right, Retired Officers Howard Shook, Bob Bray, Harvey Taylor, and Harold McClintic were honored for their efforts in making Falls Township a safe place for everyone. For a larger version of the photo above please click here
  • Boat Ramp Wreckage Video

    To see the winter river's ice wreak havoc at the Quaker Penn Boat Ramp click on this link. Video courtesy of our own Township Supervisor Jeffry Dence!
  • Community Garden in 2014

    It may be cold outside, but the Community Garden is hard at work getting ready for Spring!

    Visit their page by clicking here and learn more about this program as well as sign up for your own plot on-line. The Community Garden page will also feature information about special events, such as Earth Day clean-up and plant swaps as well as special seminars held though out the year.

  • Rain Barrel Program at Falls Township

    Falls Township currently has 55-gallon Rain Barrels available for purchase at the Falls Township Municipal Building.

    A rain barrel is a great way to keep stormwater out of the system and cut down on your water bill! Only ¼ inch of rainfall runoff from the average roof will completely fill a typical barrel providing an ample supply of free “soft water” containing no chlorine, lime or calcium. Rainwater is ideal for watering plantings, vegetable gardens and lawns as well as washing your car or windows. In the event of a water shortage, drought or water supply contamination, a rain barrel provides you with an emergency water supply.

    Collecting rainwater is easy using a rain barrel! Simply position the barrel below the water downspout of your roof. The barrels are neutral in color to easily blend in anywhere around your house. Full installation instructions as well as an overflow hose, clamp and faucet are included with the rain barrel at a price of $57. For additional information, please contact the Falls Township Finance Department at (215) 949-9000.

  • Police Alert: Please be mindful to lock your vehicles

    Please be aware that there have been a string of robberies as of late. Try and remove valuables from your vehicle when possible, and to always leave your vehicle locked. Below is a Channel 6ABC news story related to these thefts:
  • Compost Bins Are Available

    > Falls Township currently has 80-gallon Earth Machine Compost Bins available for purchase for $45 at the Municipal building

    The Earth Machine is a durable backyard compost bin designed to compost food and yard waste, effectively diverting it from landfills. The resulting compost can be used in lawns and gardens to provide much needed nutrients, while helping to retain moisture in the soil.

    Using compost on your gardens returns organic material back into the natural cycle and promotes a healthy soil ecosystem. The result is significantly higher yields, with a substantial reduction in soil erosion.

    The Earth Machine is designed for easy, passive composting - just start filling the bin, water, and occasionally stir or poke. The finished compost is ready in four to six months. According to the EPA, one person generates an average of approximately 1.35 pounds of organic waste per day. That equals almost 500 pounds per person every year. Backyard composting is an effective way of recycling organic wastes such as leaves, grass and food scraps that are generated at home and usually put out to the curb for disposal.

    For additional information, please contact the Falls Township Finance Department at 215-949-9000.
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