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Code Enforcement & Zoning

Building Department Notice:

BS&A Online Permit Applications

Online Permit Applications are now available through BS&A. If you are a contractor or a homeowner, you can apply online.  

To apply for a permit online:

  • Please use the following link: 
  • Please enter the property information either by property address, name, or parcel number.
  • Select the permit from the options available.
  • Please enter the work description.
  • Complete any other required information such as Basic Usage (required fields are denoted by an asterisk).
  • Select the list of parties that should receive notifications regarding the status of the permit application. (You can add or delete notification email addresses at this stage).
  • In this area, it will ask you to select the fees.  Please do not select any fees, just click next. 
  • Include any attachments for this permit (this includes required plan documents or other relevant materials).

At the conclusion of the aforementioned steps, the permit application is now submitted. 

Later, when you request an inspection using the Online Inspection Service, all permits that you have applied for will automatically display for easy selection.

For additional information or questions, please contact Debbie Perkiss at or Mary Jo Westerhold at

Telephone & Email Directory

Name Title Telephone
Matthew Takita
Chief Code Enforcement Officer & Zoning Officer (215) 949-9000
Diane Beri
Planning/Zoning Department (215) 949-9000 x201
Debbie Perkiss
Licenses & Inspections (215) 949-9000 x257
Mary Jo Westerhold
Licenses & Inspections (215) 949-9000 x262
Mary Stockton
Use & Occupancy (215) 949-9000 x256
Ed Neubauer
Code Enforcement Officer (215) 949-9000 x253
Jim Molimock
Code Enforcement Officer (215) 949-9000 x219
Melissa Haxel
Code Enforcement Officer (215) 949-9000 x351
Keith Fugate
Building Inspector (215) 949-9000 x252