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Township of Falls Authority (TOFA)

Next Scheduled Meeting

There are no upcoming meetings scheduled.


Name Status Term
Anthony Rosso Chairman 1/2018 thru 1/2023 (1st Monday)
James Goodwin Vice-Chairman 1/2020 thru 1/2025 (1st Monday)
Brian Binney Secretary 1/2021 thru 1/2026 (1st Monday)
Bill Beier Treasurer 1/2022 thru 1/2027 (1st Monday)
Thomas Miles Assistant Secretary/Treasurer 1/2019 thru 1/2024 (1st Monday)

TOFA Website

View the official website for the Township of Falls Authority (TOFA):

Board Composition

The Township of Falls Authority Board is a 5 member board with 5 year replacement terms. Members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

Currently, there are no vacancies available on the Township of Falls Authority Board.