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Community Park

Boating is allowed in the lake at the Falls Township Community Park, a launch permit is NOT required to use the lake for boating, however the following rules must be followed:

  1. Boats, canoes, sailboats and inflatable boats with two or more air chambers and a minimum length of 7’ are permitted. Novelty-type water craft is prohibited
  2. No gas powered motor boats allowed
  3. Boats over 16’ in length are not permitted except for canoes, which may be 18’ long
  4. Serviceable and properly fitted U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices must accompany each occupant of a water craft. These devices must be worn at all times by non-swimmers and children under 12 years of age
  5. Water craft load may not exceed load limits of the manufacturer’s safe carrying capacity
  6. Water craft operators must be at least 16 years old
  7. All water craft must be operated in a safe and prudent manner, with due regard for others rights
  8. PA Fish and Boat Commission laws apply to all water craft
  9. Boats must be rigged/loaded prior to ramp entrance
  10. Serviceable and properly fitted lifejackets must be worn by all boaters November 1 thru April 30

Also in the Community Park, Driftwood Water Adventures offer rentals of kayaks and paddleboards, for more information on these rentals please visit

Quaker Penn Park Boat Ramp


At Quaker Penn Park there is boat ramp allowing users access to the scenic Delaware River, to use this facility a launch permit is required which can be purchased for Daily Use or Seasonal Use. The season pass offers unlimited access to launch from our facility during the boating season, approximately April 15 thru October 15th. Season Passes and Daily Passes can now be purchase online only. Go to, go to the Parks and Recreation Page, scroll down and click on the link "Quaker Penn Boat Launch Pass". Prices for a Seasonal Pass are $80 -Falls Township Residents and $155 -Non Residents. Daily Pass cost is $15.00. THE DAILY PASS IS ONLY GOOD FOR A 24 HOUR PERIOD FROM PURCHASE. The following Rules and Regulations apply for the use of the Quaker Penn Park Boat Ramp:

  1. PERMITS ARE REQUIRED for use of this facility. Seasonal passes and daily passes can both be purchased online. Debit or Credit Card only (VISA and MC)
  2. Motor vehicles are permitted on the ramp for the sole purpose of launching and retrieving watercraft and MUST be removed immediately thereafter.
  3. Watercraft may remain at the floating dock as long as is necessary to load or discharge passengers or supplies.
  4. Watercraft must not exceed a speed greater than 5 MPH in the no wake zone at the ramp area, this zone extends out 100 feet from the shoreline.
  5. All watercraft owners will be held fully responsible for any damage cause to property - public or private- by their watercraft under anyone's operation.
  6. Craft requiring Pennsylvania state registration must be registered prior to use of the facility.
  7. All discarded trash, litter, bottles, papers, etc. must be placed in the proper trash receptacles located in the area.
  8. Swimming or bathing in the vicinity of this facility is prohibited.
  9. The docks are set for the use of watercraft only, NO fishing or other activities are permitted from the docks.