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Mitigation and Recovery Information

We wanted to send out a reminder for the Mitigation and Recovery Webpage created by Bucks County Emergency Management and the Bucks County Planning Commission. The webpage serves as an information hub for county, state, and federal information for homeowners, business owners, and municipal officials. 

Over the course of 2021, Bucks County received, and diligently passed along, substantial information pertaining to recovery efforts/information for COVID-19, July Floods, and Tropical Storm IDA. The county also received an abundance of Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program information, shortly after adopting its 5-year Hazard Mitigation Plan revision.

This website will continue to be updated and revised to enhance usability and to maintain relevant information, especially after a disaster declaration. The county hopes that this webpage will serve as useful tool.  The county remains open to constructive feedback on the webpage to help enhance the data offerings and to continue to improve its ease of use and applicability.

The Mitigation/Recovery webpage can be viewed here: Mitigation & Recovery Information | Bucks County, PA and accessed from the county EMA webpage: Emergency Management Agency | Bucks County, PA.