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How Do I...?

Snow Removal

The Public Works Department has developed a plan to be implemented when snow and ice occur.

These plans can be achieved best with the Township residents cooperation.

We thank you.

Salting Applications

Salt is usually applied when snow and ice begins to stick to the roadway, up to a depth of 2". At that point, if the snow or accumulation constitutes a plowing, the salting will stop except where needed.

Snow Plowing

Plowing usually begins when the depth reaches 2 inches. All Township main roads get first priority, with all Township snow emergency routes next, then all remaining roadways.

The Public Works foreman or authorized representative at their discretion will determine the course of action the Township takes on dealing with snow and ice events.

How can you help our Public Works Department this Winter?

By following a few simple guidelines during a winter storm, you can help us as well as yourself:

  1. Be patient.
  2. Remove your vehicles from the street when it snows.
  3. Shovel your driveway and sidewalk but wait until the Township snow plows your street to shovel your apron.
  4. Do not put snow shoveled from your driveway and sidewalk into the street.
  5. When using a snow blower, turn the discharge apparatus away from the street.

By following these guidelines, you will allow a more efficient clearing of the many miles of Township roads and allow better drainage when the snow starts to melt.

Snow and ice control on state roads

The following is a list of roads maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. For emergencies, complaints or information about these roads, please contact PENNDOT by calling (215) 345-6060.

  • Big Oak Road
  • Boardentown Road
  • Bristol-Oxford Valley Road
  • Old Bristol Pike
  • Fallsington-Tullytown Road
  • Hood Boulevard
  • Levittown Parkway
  • Lincoln Highway
  • Lower Morrisville Road
  • New Falls Road
  • New Ford Mill Road
  • New Route #13
  • Newbold Road
  • Old Route #13
  • Oxford Valley Road
  • Penn Valley Road
  • Pennsbury Road
  • Philadelphia Avenue
  • Pine Grove Road
  • South Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Stony Hill Road
  • Trenton Road
  • Tyburn Road
  • U.S. Route #1
  • West Trenton Avenue
  • Woolston Drive